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For children aged 18 months to 5 years from 08:00 to 18:00



Read what parents have said about us....

"I find the pre-school has made a big impact on my son.  He has developed  well with his social and speech and language skills and staff are  helpful and full of information."

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Our mission

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We provide a happy, healthy, safe, and secure environment where all children, parents, carers and supporting agents feel valued and respected at all times.  At St. Andrew's Pre-School we give children the opportunity to explore, experience and ask questions within their learning environment.       


We offer the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum around Maths, Literacy, Communication and Language, Understanding of the World,  Expressive Arts,  Physical and Personal,  Social and Emotional Development.                        


We  welcome families  from diverse backgrounds  and celebrate various cultures and festivals.  We also offer families the 15-30 free funded hours (conditions apply*) to ensure equal opportunities.   We keep in touch with local feeder schools who continue to recommend our service to new parents and carers.   We take the time to listen to parents', carers' and Committee members'  feedback, including information they share with us from surveys to review our practice.  We also keep abreast of current legislation and other  Early Years practices to evaluate and inform  the children's curriculum, based on evidence from educational research.                                                                                                             

Why is pre-school good for your child?

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The Effective Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education project (EPPSE), found that children who had early years education:     


  • achieved higher grades at school
  • were better behaved in school
  • were more likely to continue into further or higher education 

Pre-School provides an important step towards building relationships and helping your child to integrate well at primary school.  

*Eligible 2 year olds  and all 3 and 4 years olds are entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education per week for 38 weeks per year. Up to 30 hours per week is available for eligible children - please feel free contact us or Barnet Council for more information on extended hours eligibility.


Asked what they liked about St Andrew's Pre-School, this is what some of our parents have replied:

"Children learn to socialise, share, have fun with other kids, learn how to stay without mum all the time."

"I see an improvement in my daughter's communication skills and I feel that she is more focused."

"I chose to keep my child in the pre-school because he was happy to go  back every time."

"The staff are lovely and very helpful.  I was recommended to the pre-school by a friend and it has exceeded all expectations."

"Any meetings I have had have always been very nice.  I have been given  lots of information and had all questions answered.  The staff are very  nice and easy to talk to and very helpful."

"The pre-school is a happy, safe, enjoyable place.  My children feel very  happy and at home.  The staff are lovely and very professional.  I feel  confident in knowing my children are in safe hands and are happy."

"Every person of the staff is professional, lovely responsible and the report is more than accurate and helpful."

"My children love going to the Pre-School. They have lots of fun, make things, play outdoors and they have learned to read words and count beyond 20. Their social skills have developed well, they have made lots of new friends and they adore their teachers. I feel they are well prepared for the transition to primary school."


Privacy STatement

The information below serves to summarise how we collect and use  personal information to support our contractual arrangements with you if you use our childcare services. Our full Privacy Policy is available upon request and details which data we hold about you and your child and how we use them.  A copy of this policy may be obtained from our Data Protection Designated Persons; Nalini Thakur or Ami Carr by email, telephone or in person at St. Andrew's Pre-School. Please see the information on our Contact Us page for our email address and telephone numbers. 

All data that we hold about you or your organisation are maintained  solely for the use of St Andrew's Pre-School in conducting our normal business. We  never sell your information, or pass it on to a third party unless we are  required to do so to meet legal obligations, for example, if  information is requested by law, by a  court, or  by the Charity Commission, 

Summary of data held for communication purposes, and how we use them

When you complete our application form in anticipation of your child attending our Pre-School we keep that information in order to communicate with you about your child until your child leaves St Andrew's Pre-School. This includes your name, address, email and telephone number. We will also hold additional information about your child, including medical and educational needs, so that we can fulfill our obligations to him or her safely and promptly while they are in our care. 

Our usual means of communication are email or telephone (mobile, work or landline).  We may also use your personal telephone number (mobile or work) if we need to contact you  about your child in an emergency. 

We do not hold information about parents/carers or potential parents/carers for any marketing purposes.

Your rights

You have the right to request what information we hold about you and to  request that we amend any inaccuracies, you do not have the right to ask us to remove personal data where it conflicts with our legal obligations.
You also have the right to know how we use your data.   We seek to resolve directly all complaints about how we handle  personal information and we request that you contact us in the first instance should you wish  to complain. You may do this by email, telephone or in person by appointment. You will find out contact information on our "Contact Us" web page.  You also have the right to lodge a  complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. They can be  contacted at or 0303 123 1113.